About Me

Well, hello there. My name is Anne, and I love everything related to food – particularly the eating part. I am a huge foodie and love trying new restaurants, ranging from the questionable food stand inside a grocery store to Michelin starred establishments. My favorite foods include:

  • Fried chicken (of all styles: buttermilk, southern, Nashville hot, Korean, etc)
  • Chinese dumplings (Mom’s are hands-down the best of course)
  • Pasta (in particular, dishes made with fettuccine or shells)
  • Pizza (especially white pizza with some combination of exorbitant amounts of cheese, garlic, and mushrooms)

It was really hard to pare that down to just those. I have a separate stomach for dessert and there’s no possible way I can narrow that favorites list down to anything that would fit on this page.

But eating out a lot makes me have less money and more chubster cheeks, so I also love cooking at home. I’m always looking for something new to cook, and I try to keep it generally healthy-ish. I’d like to think of this blog as a good way to catalog what I’ve made, learn from my mistakes, and have fun writing about something I love so much. I hope that you can learn something too…or at least be entertained by my cooking adventures.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Herman Bulls says:

    I plan on trying all of these dishes. Wondering why they were never prepared for me in the past. And don’t use the excuse that school, FIVE Star, a wedding and the other great stuff you did got in the way 😉

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  2. rychlewc says:

    Wish I was home more to try these! Make extras and use that Tupperware!


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